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Firstly, it's been a while since you all got an update from me, my sincere apologies; I never seem to find the time to sit down and write to you all. 2010 in particular, was such a busy year for me... I went from one theatre play to another, with very little time in between a show ending and rehearsals beginning for the next!

After the wonderful CALENDAR GIRLS finished up, I had to head straight to Perth (WA) to begin MADAGASCAR for the Black Swan Theatre Company. From there I hopped over to the UK to see my gorgeous family and my wonderful father CHARLES, who accompanied me up to Glasgow, Scotland to see some of you at my SCREEN STAR EVENT with Barry Campbell and Scott Anderson - who I must say made my time there absolutely fantastic. What a great day!

With weather so extreme in the UK, I was in doubt I'd get back in time to begin LOVE, LOSS & WHAT I WORE at the Sydney Opera House. We opened that show after only two full days of rehearsals. It was fabulous working again with Magda Szubanski and also Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Mirrah Foukles and Judith Farr - we were playing to SOLD OUT audiences nearly every night! It was very sad to leave the show after it was extended for another two weeks, but I had another work commitment JUST THE TICKET. This show runs until March 26th, at the Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli, Sydney.

If you want to keep up-to-date with me, you can go to my website which is - www.amandamuggleton.com.au but don't forget I am also on FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/amandamuggleton - and we are closing in on 1000 fans on there! I'm very grateful for all your love, support and interest in ME!

I have a short break in between JUST THE TICKET and my next theatre show, so I have to spend some time with the RiSH team to work on re-designing the web-site. It's been great having it, but we feel it's time to give it a facelift (so to speak) and update it for 2011. People keep asking me to join Twitter, maybe that will happen this year too! I also need to spend some time focusing on Scene & Heard, the Acting School that I run with Bernadette, my amazing business partner - www.sceneandheard.com.au

Hope you've enjoyed all the recent PRISONER promo's - it was FABULOUS to see all the girls together again. I was very disappointed that I could not attend the 111 Hits Media Launch of the series, which is back on Foxtel. I did however, get to film a wonderfully funny message for all the girls, that was shown on a large TV Screen before the meal. The feature on A Current Affair was a scream, wasn't it? How I miss those girls!




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