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Q. "Have you ever been offered a role so outrageous, you had to turn it down ?"
Paul. Sydney, Australia

A. "Yes!!! I was asked to play an Asian "whore" in a film, which I felt should have gone to an asian actress - the problems of making me up into the character would have been far too difficult. I was offered this because of my reputation of being able to do very strong and convincing accents. But I just didn't think I was that good !!!"

Q. "Were you asked back to Prisoner after your final run in 1982 ? Considering Chrissie's final exit from "Prisoner" saw her being dragged off kicking and screaming in the general direction of Barnhurst, how would you have envisaged the character's send-off storyline to be; a happy or unhappy ending ?"
Elaine. UK

A. "Yes I was asked back to Prisoner but Steaming was so successful, that we toured Australia with that production for almost two years. Every time I thought it would end, we were off somewhere new doing it. When it finished I was offered too many new and exciting roles in Television, Theatre and Film. I would have loved to have gone back - it would have been very weird for me to return to Wentworth without the old clan being there though! As an actress its always more exciting to have an unhappy ending - I think it would have been fabulous for Chrissie to have escaped from Barnhurst to reclaim her rights to Elizabeth from the evil Brenda, and for her to dramatically flee the country to say, Barbados... I would loved to have shot Prisoner from that location!! Of course eventually she would have became a drug runner or terrorist knowing Chrissie, ending up in Jamaica's toughest maximum security prison, because let's face it... she was trouble through and through and i'm sure it would have followed her wherever she did finally end up!"

Q. "What would be your dream role ?"
David. England, UK

A. "A movie would be fun, perhaps the female version of "Rain Man", one of my favourite movies... I enjoy making movie's so much, but then as I also love being on stage too, and making people laugh.... perhaps also a classical Shakespeare production; Anthony & Cleopatra would be great or even Portia in Merchant of Venice."

Q. "What are your memories of the late Sheila Florance ?"
Katherine. USA

A. "Oh, her laugh!! I can hear it now - and she loved a cigarette and a drink - she just never stopped being herself. I adored her and i love to think that she adored me. She was always throwing her head back and laughing loudly, and that wonderful big mouth thrown wide open creating even more wrinkles on that wonderful face. She is still a very precious memory to me to this day. And whenever we did meet again after Prisoner, it was always like we had never been apart. I spent some wonderful days with her in the UK in 1990 even though she was quite ill at the time. And i still miss her dearly."

Q. “Which actresses on Prisoner did Amanda learn the most from whilst working on the programme?”
Simon. England, UK

A. "I actually learnt a great deal mostly from the Directors and funnily enough the camera crew who were utterly fantastic to work with - they were great at reminding us of camera angles. As for the actors, many actors taught me that "less was more". It was always a fantastic experience working with the likes of Val Lehman, Sheila Florance, Judith McGrath, Peta Toppano and Maggie Kirkpatrick."


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